MoodleNet v0.9.2 alpha update

Screencast overview of MoodleNet v0.9.2 alpha

Today, we’ve recently released the latest iteration of MoodleNet. Version 0.9.2 alpha is focused on UI tweaks and bug fixes. Thanks to Ivan for his hard work on this!

UI tweaks

  • New, separate settings page (instead of pop-up modal)
  • Moved ‘new community’ from icon in menu bar to top of the ‘all communities’ feed
  • Updated login page graphic

Bug fixes

  • Various bug fixes

We’ve also manually updated ‘featured’ communities and collections, which we’ll continue doing every release until this is automated and algorithmic.

In addition, this past week we’ve also been issuing this badge to testers:

MoodleNet Experimenter badge

The team is currently hiring a replacement to Alex for the backend developer role, so Doug and Mayel are spending time screening applicants and interviewing this week and next!

MoodleNet 0.3 alpha update

Update: check out this five-minute overview video on YouTube!

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As MoodleNet progresses and the team get into more of a rhythm, we’ve started working in two-week sprints. For the next few weeks, up to the beta release at the UK & Ireland MoodleMoot, we have plenty to do!

Earlier this week we released MoodleNet v0.3 alpha in preparation for inviting a new cohort of testers. It includes the following new functionality, UI tweaks, and bug fixes:

Functionality added

  • Collection-level discussions
  • ‘Profile & settings’ to update name, description, and avatar
  • Guide to Markdown next to text input boxes

UI tweaks

  • Tweaks to fonts and colours to improve accessibility
  • New approach to discussions, which now act more like threads
  • List of communities indicates number of collections contained by each

Bug fixes

  • No longer have to refresh to see added community/collection
  • Can see all communities again (fixed pagination)

We’ve removed edit functionality from MoodleNet at the moment in preparation for moderation. In future, you’ll be able to edit and delete comments and resources you add, or those in a community you moderate.

Given the amount of time between now and the beta launch at the UK Moot, we’re going to focus on what we consider to be essential to the core value proposition of MoodleNet:

  1. Federation — the ability to have separate instances of MoodleNet that can communicate with one another.
  2. Mobile view — MoodleNet accessible and usable on mobile devices.
  3. Moodle Core integration — add a resource from MoodleNet to a course in a Moodle course.

Thank you to our testers, who are doing a great job of asking questions, reporting bugs, suggesting functionality, and filling in surveys!