New year, and a (familiar) new home for our discussion forum!

Back when we started the MoodleNet project, we kept the discussion forum on separate to the main ‘Moodle in English’ forum. That was to prevent any confusion with previous iterations of Now that we’ve sunsetted that old project, it makes sense to include MoodleNet as a subforum of the main English Moodle forum.

We’ve now moved the existing MoodleNet forum, complete with all posts and replies to be a sub-forum of the Moodle in English forum.

The direct URL for the new location is (or the easier-to-remember

See below for a visual guide on how to access the location of the new sub-forum. We look forward to welcoming you to the new home for our MoodleNet discussions!

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2 thoughts on “New year, and a (familiar) new home for our discussion forum!

  1. Great to see MN becoming more mainstream and growing up as a member of the Moodle family.

    Can’t miss the opportunity for a note for Moodle core LMS: _vs_

    High time for a **friendly/clean URL** implementation in Moodle core to allow URLs like:

    There’s already some discussion on this, on the Moodle forum:

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