What we learned by running a workshop at #MootIEUK19

Last week was MoodleMoot UK & Ireland 2019. At the previous year’s MoodleMoot, our presentation on MoodleNet contained only ideas of what we would build. This year, we had an alpha version to put in front of people at a workshop.

The focus of the session was on past, present, and future, with participants having an opportunity to discuss what they like about the MoodleNet vision, and what they’d like to see included in the future roadmap.

The 1.5 hour session on Day 3 of the Moot was structured in the following way:

  • Welcome, intro and overview
  • Affinity grouping
  • Hands-on testing of MoodleNet
  • Discussion around key questions
  • Feedback and next steps

During the Affinity grouping activity, and before participants had a chance to register for MoodleNet, they were asked what problems they envisaged MoodleNet solving for them. The emergent groups were around:

  • Online course design
  • Institutional use
  • Learning and teaching
  • Technology
  • UX

During testing, participants were asked to register, complete a basic profile, and join a community to add resources and comments.

After testing, participants discussed a series of questions which are included with full details of the workshop on this wiki page. Over and above the things on our roadmap, the main things we learned (or found interesting) were:

  1. Confusion between ‘communities’ and ‘collections’
  2. Flagging duplicate content
  3. Per-community hierarchical tags
  4. Grouping of several communities
  5. Reward and recognition for users

It was a very useful session, and the 1.5 hours went by very quickly. We’d like to thank participants, and your rare badge will be on its way soon!

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