We’re hiring a new backend developer!

Update: we’ve closed the job listing for this role and will be making a decision soon!

With MoodleNet we’re building a resource-centric social network for educators. One key differentiating feature is that MoodleNet will be federated, meaning separate instances can communicate with one another. To enable this to happen, we’re using ActivityPub, an official W3C recommended standard, and to ensure scalability we’re using Elixir, a dynamic, functional programming language.

There’s several parts to MoodleNet’s federation: receiving or fetching activities from other instances, interacting with them, and of course pushing new activities to followers. Alex Castaño, the backend developer who joined us at the end of September 2018, has almost completed the first part of this equation. He’s decided to move on at the end of May, which means we’re looking for a new backend developer to complete the work on federation.

This is a flexible position and can be based remotely, or out of the Moodle office in Barcelona. View the job listing for details, and please pass this along to any developer you know who might be interested.

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