*DRAFT* MoodleNet User Agreement and Covenant for Instance Administrators

Happy Birthday Moodle! 🎉🎉🎉

As promised in our post about the upcoming federation testing programme, we are now ready to share draft versions of two relevant documents.

While anyone is free to use MoodleNet for any purpose (Freedom 0 of the ‘Four Freedoms‘), in order to connect to the HQ ‘mothership’ for reasons of search and discovery, instance administrators must:

  • Either use the MoodleNet User Agreement as-is, or only add reasonable terms that do not negate any element of the existing agreement.
  • Agree to be bound by the terms of the MoodleNet Covenant for Instance Administrators.

The first is a MoodleNet User Agreement, which includes six sections:

  1. Terms
  2. Code of Conduct
  3. Contribution, Use, Modification and Distribution Licenses
  4. Disclaimers
  5. Modifications
  6. Instance Rules

The second is a MoodleNet Covenant for Instance Administrators, which also has six points. Those admins running a MoodleNet instance who want to connect to the ‘mothership’ (for search and discoverability) must agree to:

  1. Foster an open and welcoming environment.
  2. Actively moderate their instance
  3. Perform daily backups
  4. Give emergency access to the server infrastructure to at least two people
  5. Give users at least 3 months of advance warning in case of shutting down
  6. Make available the source code of any customisations to your instance, regardless how small

To be as clear and direct as possible, the MoodleNet team is committed to fostering an open and welcoming environment, meaning that racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, harassment, defamation, doxxing, sexual depictions of children, and conduct promoting alt-right and fascist ideologies will not be tolerated.

We welcome the community’s feedback on these drafts, either as comments directly on the documents, in comments below this post, or on the MoodleNet forum. If you have particular concerns or comments that you like to make more privately, please email: moodlenet-moderators@moodle.com

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