Could you help translate MoodleNet in your language?

We want MoodleNet to be useful for educators around the world, so of course we need it to exist in as many languages as possible!

That’s why, as well as launching in English, it’s very important for us to launch with the interface available in other languages, too. We want to encourage the communities, content, and discussions that will come to life on the platform to be representative of the wonderful diversity of this community.

If that sounds like something with which you’d like to help, please head over to this thread on the MoodleNet forum and provide:

  1. A list of languages you know, including your level in each: Native ; Fluent ; High writing profiency ; High reading proficiency; or Intermediate. (Please don’t forget to include your level in English).
  2. A few words about your experience (if any) with translation, and a link to some of your work (for example, if you’ve helped translate Moodle Core, include a link to your profile on AMOS)

We will then direct message you if we need any more details, and with information about how to get started when translation into your language(s) is ready to begin. We’re going to start with some of the most common languages among users of Moodle, including Spanish.)

If you’re selected to help translate the pilot version of MoodleNet before it launches, you’ll also be invited to join as one of the first pilot users to try out the platform for yourself.


Photo credit: Slava Bowman 

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