MoodleNet v0.9.3 alpha update

The MoodleNet team is pleased to announce the release of v0.9.3 alpha. It’s also World Turtle Day!

Functionality added

  • Users can enter location in profile

UI tweaks

  • New icon to represent ‘Communities’
  • Header image in profiles
  • Improvements to dark theme

Bug fixes

  • Clicking ‘Load more’ no longer takes you to the top of the list

Ivan, our designer and front-end developer, is updating our styleguide, which will make it easy for admins of federated instances to customise the look and feel of MoodleNet.  

We almost had usernames ready for this release, but want to do some more work on that. Once we have introduced usernames, you will (eventually) be able to @-mention other users. We’ll also make it easy for users to change the default header image in an upcoming release.

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