MoodleNet v0.9.2 alpha update

Screencast overview of MoodleNet v0.9.2 alpha

Today, we’ve recently released the latest iteration of MoodleNet. Version 0.9.2 alpha is focused on UI tweaks and bug fixes. Thanks to Ivan for his hard work on this!

UI tweaks

  • New, separate settings page (instead of pop-up modal)
  • Moved ‘new community’ from icon in menu bar to top of the ‘all communities’ feed
  • Updated login page graphic

Bug fixes

  • Various bug fixes

We’ve also manually updated ‘featured’ communities and collections, which we’ll continue doing every release until this is automated and algorithmic.

In addition, this past week we’ve also been issuing this badge to testers:

MoodleNet Experimenter badge

The team is currently hiring a replacement to Alex for the backend developer role, so Doug and Mayel are spending time screening applicants and interviewing this week and next!

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