Sneak peek of MoodleNet UI v2.0

Ivan Minutillo, our talented UX designer and front-end developer, has been working on a more ‘conversational’ user interface for MoodleNet.

Right now, it exists as a series of page mockups. We’re looking for feedback on what he’s produced so far to inform the future direction of MoodleNet’s user interface.

Check out the video above, and leave us some feedback:

  • Green — what do you like?
  • Yellow — what do you have questions about?
  • Red — what are you concerned about?

Thanks in advance! You can add your comments below.

12 thoughts on “Sneak peek of MoodleNet UI v2.0

  1. Hi Doug,
    Thank you for this.
    Yellow: It looks like login with Google or Microsoft might still be available?
    Yellow: Can one search by curriculum outcomes, provided someone added them?
    Yellow: How can collections or resources be shared with members and externals?
    Yellow: When is the release date?
    Yellow: Can I badge upload many users?
    Green: Overall clean look. Not clutter, focus on the essential. Should be easy to communicate purpose of Moodlenet
    Red: Limit to top resources to 10? Not sure what the purpose is. Is there a way for the community to assign stars/vote? Can collections/resources be sorted ie. last added, most accessed, most voted on etc.

  2. Useful questions! Thanks Dirk. I’m going to take them slightly out of order 🙂

    We’re aiming to launch at the Global Moot in November. Login with Google or Microsoft isn’t on the roadmap for then, although it might be that community members or Moodle Partners decide that’s a priority and submit pull requests!

    Tagging and categorisation will follow the approach outlined in this post:

    I assume your questions was about batch-creation of many MoodleNet users. That shouldn’t be a particularly difficult thing to do, and perhaps something we can consider for the admin dashboard.

    Sharing is via URL, as everything (in the first instance) will be public. Resources within collection can be pinned (maximum of ten) and also liked/favourited which also acts a form of bookmarking. Ivan hasn’t added the ‘sort’ feature in the mockup, but that would allow you to switch between most recent and most liked.

    Glad you like the look! Keep the questions coming, everyone.

  3. Quick comments hopefully useful.

    Mobile side bar button
    Would need to see it in action to really comment but at face value the screens don’t suggest how the side bar would function as it looks like a header with a deck of cards underneath. Feels like you swapping out cards not a sidebar pref like the icon suggests.

    Federation creating silos ?
    Could / do you not have an aggregated view of all the federated instance you are with ? I don’t use mastodon enough to know what’s what but I know you could have a client subscribe to many activity pub feeds. Ah ok is it the other way round of you putting you instance in the mothership

    When you say network you mean within you instance?

    I would break resources into
    Stream (all)

    I don’t like stars (you call them likes and then bookmarks but have star icon) as votes especially when also used as a way to have a list on your own profile. I might want to star something to add to my star list but it maybe just as a proxy to review later. Votes maybe something you want but i think they should be some work do to that. So there is a barrier to the upvoting might make it more useful

    Keep a check UI language consistency

    1. Hi Adam, thanks for the comments 🙂

      Let’s start with the likes/favourites. As you can see, we haven’t settled on a name for them yet, and (just like Twitter and Mastodon) they’re actually serving more than one purpose. More thoughts here:

      To better explain federation, let’s think about Mastodon and Pleroma. On those services, you can sign up to an instance and get a user account (e.g. You can then follow, reply to, and like/boost updates from anyone else (e.g. using a compatible system.

      With MoodleNet, you’ll not only be able to follow, reply to, and like/boost updates from others, but also join communities and curate collections. So, theoretically, it doesn’t really matter which instance you’re on.

      Thanks for the UI suggestions, I’ll make sure Ivan sees those!

  4. Great work, cheers to Ivan and the whole team!

    Some quick comments, from Assil, Hugues, and myself:

    ## Greens (Likes!)

    * Landing Page:
    – Minimalistic Design
    – Can be customized by system administrators
    * Community Page:
    – Mentioning individuals
    – And communities
    – Search / Explore – Yeah!
    * Profile Page:
    – Liked resources used as bookmarks
    * Everywhere:
    – Upload resource / image, etc – Yeah!

    ## Yellows (questions)

    1. Upload resources: Are you planning for some integrations with existing digital repository platforms? Or you consider MoodleNet becoming one on its own?
    2 Preview – Will it show real-time commenting, discussion, and curation of MoodleNet? How does it look like so far?
    3. What are the criteria of pinning resources on a collection?

    ## Reds (concerns)

    1. For the Landing Page: Preview link communities’ posts, activities, etc. Would be interesting to know how it will be managed with regards to privacy.
    2. For Resource Uploading. Pleeease explore solutions based on integration, rather than making MoodleNet a digital repository platform

    1. Hi Tasos, thanks for the comments, questions, and feedback! We’re delighted you like the look of the new UI 🙂

      To answer your (yellow) questions:

      1. We don’t consider MoodleNet to be a fully-fledged repository in its own right. However, users *will* be able to upload resources directly to MoodleNet instances (should the admin allow). We’ve also thought about integrating with Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. We certainly want to allow searching of OER repositories.

      2. I think by this question you mean previewing the entire instance from the login page? By default everything in MoodleNet will be open (to begin with, at least). So yes, think of it as similar to going to a Mastodon instance and looking at public posts:

      3. The criteria for pinning resources will depend on the moderators of the community. As a general guide, we think of them as a ‘showcase’ to demonstrate what the collection is about, and what constitutes relevant resources.

      And then in answer to your (red) concerns:

      1. Again, everything in MoodleNet to begin with will be public, so browsers will see things shared as public. In future, we’ll have more granular privacy controls (so private groups, DMs, etc.)

      2. Yes, absolutely. MoodleNet is about curation and discovery rather than mere storage.

      We hope those help! Please don’t hesitate to come back and ask for more detail 🙂

  5. Yellow: Can a shared Moodle course with H5P activities be accessed and used by other instructors, with the H5P’s as originally created? That is, are the H5P’s lost or are they maintained when the course is shared? Thank you!

    1. Hi Jeff, MoodleNet is resource-agnostic, so you’ll be able to share pretty much anything apart from executable files. We’re actually looking into ways in which we can include fork/remix/share functionality for resources such as H5P, so you can see the version history.

      I hope that answers your question. Please do let me know if you want us to go into more detail in a particular area!

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