Late August 2019 update

MoodleNet UI 2.0 — a work in progress
MoodleNet UI 2.0 — a work in progress

Work on MoodleNet continues apace, with the above screenshot no longer being a clickable prototype, but live code on our staging server! Ivan, our talented UX designer and front-end developer, has created a ‘read-only’ version of the new user interface before he heads off on a well-deserved holiday for a couple of weeks.

During that period, James will be finishing off a very necessary refactoring of the core functionality on backend code, Karen is continuing making good progress on federation, and Mayel has submitted a plugin to the Moodle LMS team for their review and (possible) integration into Moodle 3.8.

We’re still on track for a November beta release with everything from the ‘must’ section of our MoSCoW prioritisation grid. However, we’ve had to push back the federation testing until October as we’re a small team working on a complex project, and many things have to come together at the same time!

Thank you to those who have commented (only privately, so far) on our draft MoodleNet User Agreement and Covenant for Instance Administrators. Please do consider giving your feedback — positive or negative!

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