Update on federation testing

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The MoodleNet team have received a few emails recently asking when federation testing will begin. This short post aims to clarify a few things.

First, it’s worth saying that you can still sign up to test MoodleNet as an instance administrator via the form linked to in this blog post. Upon completing that, we’ll add you to our federation testing mailing list, either as an individual or organisation.

Second, we’re a small team, so to avoid putting undue pressure on ourselves right before the Global Moot, we’ve made the decision to begin the federation testing period in Barcelona. That means the timeline looks something like this:

  • 19th November — Presentation at Global Moot and start of federation testing programme
  • 2nd December — Start of support period for the federation testing programme

As you can see, there’s a two-week gap from the start of the programme to the beginning of the support period. This will ensure that new admins have a chance to set up and configure their instance, and that the MoodleNet team have a chance to take some time off right after an intense period of work. During this time we will make a best-effort help to assist via our forum, but ticket-based support won’t be available until the start of December.

Finally, it’s worth re-iterating that the MoodleNet team will assume a working knowledge of Linux server administration with Docker containers. If you need some help in getting up-to-speed, check out the official guide to getting started with Docker.

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