Request for feedback: MoodleNet UI 2.0 clickable prototype

We'd like you to create a screencast showing your first reactions to the clickable prototype of our new UI.


Last month, we gave you a sneak peek of the prototype we’ve been working on for an updated version of the MoodleNet user interface. After further iteration and testing, the team is pleased to share with the community a clickable prototype, upon which we would like your feedback.

Note: a clickable prototype is a series of images with ‘hotspots’ that link them together. Not everything that will be linked in the final version is linked in this prototype. Nevertheless, before committing code, this is a good way of ensuring that this approach resonates with the community.

When we shared the MVP of MoodleNet back in January, Stephen Downes was kind enough to record his first impressions. The team found that kind of feedback so valuable that we’d like to encourage as many people as possible to do likewise this time around! We’re going to offer another rare badge to those who share their thoughts.

How to get involved

  1. Install an app or browser extension that allows you to record your screen. We recommend Loom. Ensure you have the microphone activated!
  2. Start recording and head to this URL:
  3. Click through the prototype, narrating what you are doing. We’re interested in:
    • Green — things you like
    • Amber — stuff you have questions about
    • Red — anything that concerns or confuses you
  4. Stop recording and give your screencast the title ‘MoodleNet clickable prototype testing [your_name]’
  5. Share the link to the screencast with the MoodleNet team. You have several options for this:

Final thoughts

Please ask if you have any questions or the above instructions are not clear. Note that you can only receive the badge if you have created the screencast and have joined the MoodleNet forum.

Thanks in advance for your help!

6 thoughts on “Request for feedback: MoodleNet UI 2.0 clickable prototype

  1. This is an awesome upgrade – I think you are really getting there now. Sorry but I don’t like the feedback via video method – too much like work!! So, am just leaving comments here. We are just talking about tagging people in MUA – very important. So where do those notifications show up? Is there an option to have a feed page default when you login? (Notifications/new comments in discussions/new items)
    I am not sure about the curation part for the 10 resources – who does that? What if someone comes and changes it? Shouldn’t it flex as more stuff is added – what if the 10 most accessed/liked automatically showed up first? That might be more efficient – would be like an auto rating feature…

    1. Thanks Emma! (although I thought you, of all people, would be up for sharing a screencast…)

      In reply to your questions/points:

      1. To begin with, you’ll be notified if you are mentioned within a community. See

      2. The default home page will be the ‘Discover’ page (featured communities/collections) although we could make that a setting. People can always bookmark ‘My MoodleNet’ to go straight to that, TBH.

      3. We’ve actually changed our approach to curating collections of resources. Now, instead of a 10-item limit, you’ll be able to add any number of resources to a collection. However, moderators will be able to pin up to 10 resources to the top of the collection feed.

      Finally, we’re not doing ratings: 😉

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