MoodleNet UX Milestone 2: Screencast #3

We’ve been working on a series of screencasts as part of our UX Milestone 2 work with Outlandish. You can check out Screencast #1 and Screencast #2 if you missed them.

In this third screencast, we’re demonstrating the user flow for new user sign-up in MoodleNet.

Remember, this is a prototype with no code behind it. We’re very interested in your opinions, which you can leave in several places:

  1. In the comments section below this post
  2. On the forum
  3. In the comments section of the YouTube video
  4. As a suggestion on our Changemap

2 thoughts on “MoodleNet UX Milestone 2: Screencast #3

  1. Nice and simple. It looks like no confirmation email? I like that full access seems to be immediate. I also like how she discovered a new community. Are popular communities the same as popular tags? Is there such a thing as popular tag? How does one find peers on the site?

    1. Hi Dirk, yep the idea is to get people in and using MoodleNet as quickly as possible. Until they’ve confirmed their identity they’ll be limited as to what they can do (e.g. can’t post comments or submit resources). There’s actually then another level of verification after that with being ‘vouched for’. So we can add granular controls without having lots of admin up-front.

      In terms of popular communities, they’ll be generated by an algorithm that we’ll tweak. There’s several elements involved, including (for example) amount of discussion within the community, number of likes, and frequency of resources/collections being added.

      Finally, in terms of finding peers, the idea is that you’ll be attracted to similar communities. We want to focus on communities rather than individuals. This isn’t like Twitter or Instagram where the aim is to get lots of followers or likes!

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