MoodleNet UX Milestone 2: Screencast #2

Yesterday we posted Screencast #1 from our UX Milestone 2 work with Outlandish. In this second screencast, we’re demonstrating an example of the user flow for adding an ‘Alt account’ in MoodleNet.

Remember, this is a prototype with no code behind it. We’re very interested in your opinions, which you can leave in several places:

  1. In the comments section below this post
  2. On the forum
  3. In the comments section of the YouTube video
  4. As a suggestion on our Changemap

5 thoughts on “MoodleNet UX Milestone 2: Screencast #2

  1. The alt account thing sounds useful but as the system knows the accounts are connected. Why wouldn’t you just set up another account as it’s likely I don’t want anyone even the system to know El Pingo has anything to do with Jeremy

  2. Thanks for the nice short screen casts!
    I am on the fence with respect to multiple personalities capabilities. How is trust affected?
    On the other hand, this could be a handy feature for people to adjust their persona. I might want to have a persona that is entirely focused on my hobbies an then another that is focused on my present teaching assignments.

    1. Thanks Dirk, we realise that it’s a potentially-controversial feature. Of course, we’ll test it out first and not everything we prototype will end up in the MVP. It might be that people would prefer to have two completely separate accounts in this scenario, rather than have them linked in any way. Just an idea!

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