MoodleNet UX Milestone 2: Screencast #1

We’ve been continuing our work with Outlandish on MoodleNet UX. In this first screencast from Milestone 2, we’re demonstrating an example of the user flow for adding a resource in MoodleNet.

Remember, this is a prototype with no code behind it. We’re very interested in your opinions, which you can leave in several places:

  1. In the comments section below this post
  2. On the forum
  3. In the comments section of the YouTube video
  4. As a suggestion on our Changemap

6 thoughts on “MoodleNet UX Milestone 2: Screencast #1

  1. Minor things just thinking out loud. Red Group. As everything is collections or communities I think for a demo perhaps using the term group might be confusing. I assume when Jeremy clicks through to the “red group” / community the collections are displayed initially be activity order? Following allows you to contribute (add resource) and get notifications from a collection? Assume I can browse collections in a community without following. (Just tap)Nice one of the moodle bot. I think if you get a bot right , they can be a great community building advocate . Totally jumping ahead but I assume Bryan gets a notification that someone has added to the collection. What happens if Bryan considered it not relevant.

    1. Thanks Adam! I’m going to number your points to make it easier to respond:
      1. Red Group – yes, thanks for the feedback. Communities can be called pretty much whatever they want, so long as it conforms to the MoodleNet Code of Conduct (currently in draft)
      2. Collection order – we need to figure this out, but activity is one way to order them. Another would be to have the ones he’s following at the top and the rest could be alphabetical. Perhaps there’s a toggle to switch between them? (although not in the MVP)
      3. Following – this only gives you updates on what’s happening to a collection (e.g. resources added/removed). There might be a situation where you can’t *join* a community, but you can still follow its collections.
      4. Moodle Bot – we’re thinking that this is your MoodleNet assistant in that it tells you about things you might have missed, thanks you for adding resources, and suggests things that might be helpful.
      5. Notifications – yep, so Bryan has a little blue dot next to him to denote that he’s a collection moderator (by default since he created it). He can add other moderators. Only the person who added the resource or a moderator can *remove* a resource, but anyone who’s a member can add one. Everyone following the collection would get a notification that a resource has been added, and there’ll be a discussion area per collection and per community.

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