Sneak peek of latest MoodleNet UX work

With the continued help of Outlandish, we’ve been working on the first post-Design Sprint UX milestone:

    1. Improve/tweak UI of XD prototype (mobile)
      1. Prototype comments / threaded discussions
      2. Iterate on activity feed prototype
      3. Notifications

We’re not quite ready to release a screencast of the improvements, but you can find a sneak peek below! Note the simplified three-part navigation:

Some comments on the above:

  • A reminder that, unlike Google+, Communities and Collections in MoodleNet are inextricably linked, in that every Collection is owned by a Community.
  • After some research and experimentation, we’ve decided that comments should only go two levels deep.
  • There are three types of update in the Notifications tab: those alerting you to something new happening in your Collections, in your Communities, and recommendations from the ‘Moodle Bot’.

We’ve got a small bit of work to do before moving onto the second UX milestone. That will include tagging and taxonomy as we decided to include notifications in this first milestone. Other things we’ll be working on as part of the second milestone include: search functionality, Moodle Core integration, authentication, adding a resource, and privacy options.

A reminder that, if you’re interested, you can get involved in this project!

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