MoodleNet design sprint: prototype overview

This week has been a design sprint for the MoodleNet project, held at the offices of Outlandish. Martin Dougiamas, Moodle’s Founder and CEO, flew in from Australia to join Doug Belshaw (MoodleNet Lead), Mayel de Borniol (MoodleNet Technical Architect), Bryan Mathers (consultant), and the Outlandish team.

Martin had clearly stated success criteria: “A visual prototype that is good enough for anyone to quickly understand what MoodleNet does and how it could look and feel.”

We’re delighted, therefore, to be able to demonstrate the above prototype, which we tested with users on Thursday and iterated on Friday. We’ll be collating everything, including photographs and notes over the coming week!

14 thoughts on “MoodleNet design sprint: prototype overview

  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful prototype.
    I understand it is very early stages, but still… I am wondering…
    How can a teacher experience or preview a quiz that was shared?
    (or any activity or a collection of quiz question? or 3rd party modules content?)

    1. Thanks Nadav, we’ll be sharing more of the technical details soon. The short answer is that we’ll be a ‘Moodle Store’ for allowing the sharing of Moodle-specific content. We still need to work out how to make the process intuitive and transparent to the user, but the idea is that it will allow for previews within MoodleNet.

  2. Hi Doug,
    Thank you for this overview. I am curious: When you click ‘add this to my Moodle’ would a teacher be able to define the course and the exact location of where they want the resource and would it create a copy of a Moodle book they find?
    I am wondering also how searching and discovery will work. Maybe take a look at the Alberta 7-9 Science Curriculum here: Do you think Moodle Net will support seaching for longer descriptors (not shot tags)
    Looking forward to more


    1. Hi Dirk, a lot of this needs to be figured out, but there’s several options for what you describe. I should imagine most people would want some kind of ‘holding area’ within Moodle from which they can select resources they’ve pulled from MoodleNet.

      Thanks for the link!

  3. Hi Jeremy, nice prototype of MoodleNet. I liked the quick building of a community to curate resources. Looks like fun. My questions are: How do I share whole courses? How easily do resources go into my own moodle and how do I locate where they go? What is the curation process? How about activities with content that are not resources? And what about activities/resources that don’t have standard plugins? (for example, quizzes with the ordering question type).

    1. Thanks Don! There’s lots of questions there, many of which we’ll begin to answer as we start the development process. One suggestion at last week’s sprint was to allow MoodleNet collections to be exported as .mbz files into Moodle, which would solve some issues.

  4. Thank you for the nice preview. What is missing from the preview IMHO is how different instances of Moodlenet play together. I think it is extremely important that you don’t create another closed walled garden but create a platform every community or school can host themselves and still interact with other schools. I know you are planning this, so I’m looking forward to seeing more about this topic in the future.

    1. Hi Beni, yes this is an early prototype – you’ll notice that we didn’t go into the search functionality either.

      In terms of federation, we’re just working on the overall system architecture, so keep your eyes peeled for a post about that soon!

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