MoodleNet project community call (June 2018)


This Wednesday, we’re hosting our MoodleNet project community call for May. We’ve got some updates to share from our recent design sprint!

The call will begin with Doug introducing Mayel, our new technical Technical Architect, along with a round of introductions to those on the call. We’ll then dive into the outputs from the MoodleNet design sprint, and discuss the prototype overview we came up with. From there, the discussion will open out to cover next steps, including how best to contribute to this project.

We’re alternating the times of each monthly call, so apologies to those who live in timezones that make it difficult to join this time around. We record each one, and you’re welcome to add your thoughts to the etherpad-based agenda asynchronously.

Image by Dafne Cholet used under a Creative Commons license

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