MoodleNet front-end development update

Here’s a quick overview of the current front-end development work that the good people at Outlandish have been busy with over the last few weeks. It’s a work in progress, as you’ll see, but we thought you might like a sneak peek!

Click here to see the video if it’s not showing above. Please do leave your feedback either in the comments section below, on the forum, or on YouTube.

4 thoughts on “MoodleNet front-end development update

  1. I think the interface is nice and clean which allows the user to focus on the communities, collections, and content. Very nice. As for the login, a name and email is all we would want to collect. Having Google Oauth is ideal for us as well as LDAP if we were to be running our own installation of this. MNET or LTI of some sort of integrated login would be most ideal.

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