Community call: save the date!

Right now, we’re deep in planning mode for Project MoodleNet. This includes putting together documentation (most of which is publicly available here), sorting out resourcing, and talking to people who have valuable insights which will help us with the road ahead.

We’re keen to involve the community in this process as soon as it makes sense to do so, which is why we’re announcing the first Project MoodleNet community call for early April!

The call will kick off with a brief presentation about the current status of Project MoodleNet, and then will take questions and have a discussion about what should be in/out of scope for the project.

Apologies to those who live in timezones that make it difficult to join this time around. We’ll be sure to record this one, and will attempt to accommodate different timezones in future calls.

Image by Dafne Cholet used under a Creative Commons license

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