First thoughts about Open Badges in MoodleNet

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MoodleNet badges (first draft)

With a project like MoodleNet, there’s so many things to think about! While we’re still working on the backend system, UX milestones, and legal policies, we’re also keen to think about the reputation system within MoodleNet and how that might work.

Given MoodleNet Lead Doug Belshaw’s deep experience with Open Badges, we thought it was a great opportunity to use them in a brand new ecosystem. These are some of our first thoughts, in collaboration with visual thinker Bryan Mathers.

There’s lots to consider, especially when you see badge systems from other open source projects such as the Fedora Project that have been running for five or more years. They have a whole host of badges for categories such as:

  • Content
  • Development
  • Community
  • Quality
  • Events

The value of the badge, of course, like any credential, is in the eye of the beholder. We envisage some badges being earned by every user within MoodleNet (e.g. for completing their profile) whereas others might be much rarer (e.g. for beta testing or mentoring other users).

Inspired by the Fedora Project, here are some other badges that we’re considering:

  • Curator – creating x number of collections
  • Evangelist – telling the world about MoodleNet
  • Documenter – writing up HOWTO guides, etc.
  • Localiser – helping with translation and localisation work
  • MoodleNetter – completing your MoodleNet profile
  • Mentor – helping others with MoodleNet

We could also issue badges for participation in MoodleNet sessions at events, and for the ‘quality’ of MoodleNet collections (although we haven’t yet figured out how we’re going to determine that!)